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Q1 Edison. fapers


PART IT (1879-1886)

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PART IE (1879-1886)



D-83-031 through D-83-037 ("Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd." through "Electric Light - Foreign - Europe")

1883. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. (D-83-031)

This folder contains correspondence, reports, lists of stockholders, and other documents relating to the business of the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. Many of the documents concern the proposed formation of a general European light company to supersede existing companies. Related material can be found in D-83-037 (Electric Light - Foreign - Europe) and in the Primary Printed Collection (Company Records Series).

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: routine company correspondence, such as letters relating to the shipment of goods; bills and receipts; bond coupons; bills of lading; duplicate copies of selected documents.

183-061-083 .


{ : \ Ree her Corleone eee Ky, ete, Compucnny

Af! “Creve fee i piitine

“3 Ayih- CSpostces ioe Cie January..3rd,, SSSS

Dear Sir:t-

A speciel meeting of the biractors of the Fdison Elec- tric Light Company of Europe, Limited, will be held at the office of Messrs. LR. lh Gutting Jn & Cow, No. 19 William Streat, New

York Gity, on Friday, January 5th, 1883, qt 1 o’ clock Pe M

pecond Vice Presidant.

Yours truly,


indies: ; one matter is. sO “complicated, that if-anything: should | eee

aha oans to me-a new- aan ane not: indorstani—aty So-T-heve wat ben, a

them” uy an a company in this ee for 10 PORE Ey, and ‘to:

“rogiare: 40 that ana c rents to do this no matter whether the

remaining ‘founders shares Were pauey Up oor Heke Qur Directors. theirs, also Leon and others, a i

‘Dan. Gth, 1893, a “per Me.G.

TT rn ee ee

Jar. Edason,.

I have ) praparnd : a weit ten statement. of “the present,


cond ion, ‘of the founders shares, I submitted it to*the Hontang


of. the Buropoan’ “dompany yostorday, and. had tt incorporated ' in’ the. oe


the ho Le Story out. T aieivee wun a copy which you may be in~,

‘tarested in reading, It as rather long but. it could nét be made


mich shorter, :


: ‘the Uebesien: of the | Directors: of the Suropedn Company °

was te have all the foundors shares brought over eee to tie


execute: any, reasonable. Bereement: whagh the aurovean company


thought . te 4as not. worth ‘while to ask _puskas- & Raley" to na Bue

' . S.: B.° Raton

Shee eens 2

eee ee

eect cn mart ne ntt t cot oe



Statement prepared by S. R. Raton, Second Vier Prasidont,

regarding the transfer of the company’s founders shares fron Paris

to New York City, and submitted to the Nireetors of the Bury pean

GOe at a meting hela January 5th. 18887" oct

FIRST. We have founders shares in three di fferent

companios, and dirsctions have been heretofore given, as pra =~

scribed by the Roard, for having all these founders shares sent to

the of five of ths company in Ney York City. I hava ox chan ged

ietiare and cablograns with Mn Railey and Mr Batchelor, since Mn

Railey’s return to Paris, | dns isting that the rounders ical in

all these Gass companies should. be at once sent ones

In reply to my request as above, a question has haa

5 : . / os raised touching a clause in the statutes of the Company Continan~

talise This question I will state at length below.


Tt relates to a “certain portion of the parts of founder

in the Company Continentale, namely,

As soon as this question was raised,

20 per eentum thereof, :

and it was claimed that this

20 per centum of the said founders shares in that Company could’

not, with safety to our interests, be forwarded to us, T Te questod

Nr. Railey to at onee send the balanes of the founders ineluding :

those in all thres of the Companies.

That has not bean done,

and I judge from a cable from Nr Bailey, reseived yesterday, that

a‘new question has arisen, which must also be settled bafurs any

e 4 of “the founders will be sant here.

to below.’

This also will be referred ©




Hr Bailey states in his letter tu me of Necember 20the, that Mn Batchelor complsted the praparation of the various receipts on Decsmbor 19the, and that the delay still arising, touching the sending of the foundersshares to this city, relating only to the question of the 20 com aiming Rut in a latter from Mr Bailey, dated Devember 23rd., just received, he renews a sugpastion which he has frequently made before, and which he discussed with our Dirvetors when ho was hers during the Summer, that all the points of foundar, ineluding the 20 per ventum, should be deposited in a Trust Gompany, with an agreement, on the part of our Go., to hold them thus in deposit during thecex in tenes of the nompagnns Continantale. He doas not state whether he thinks that Trust Co. should’ ba a company on this’ side of the water, or in Paris. Pussibly, I think, a Trust Go. in this city would answer as well as one in Parise at that same letter Mr. Bailey states that tho Direetors of his Company were to mest that very afternoon to act upoun ivy telegram of December 20the, insisting that the founders shares be sent here at once, even if Mr. Bailey thought i+ hast to retain 20 per eantum of the same in Paris; that at least the rest vf them, aside from said 20 P.G. should be at once sent eke:

Kr. Bailey still further states in his letter of December 23rde that if the founders’ shaves are sent here it, will probably be necussatTy that, as a preliminary, a transfer should be made %9

c :

the Gompany Continentals of the foundation Edgson patents.

Just what is meant by this T do not understand. All the natants


A rrr nerds co tag oe tet! nts eee hy DL te Se ash setts Uap 3 a PE AS Se . at

a f . ie a ; Ene SI rehome ee

3 have been al ready assigned to his Gempany, and IT therefore do not understand what is meante Yos torday I received a eable from Mr Railey as follows: “Gompany considers -transfer of patents neec- ' esSarye Am hastening all possiblo. Wave written.” T con- clude from this cable that the transfar of patents which Nr Railey f ' peters tu in his latter of Decombor 23rd., and whieh T hava just Mentioned, is a condition the Gonpany Gontinentale seen to im Poss befure letting the rounders shares eae to this side of the Wabere Honsequently there secits to be Just now two obstacles in

the way of having the founders sent here!. first, thera is the questiun raised regarding the 20 per centum of the barts of fomme der of the Company Continentale; and, second, there is this new question, which I do not yat understand, and which Ur Railey

1 ' cables yesterday he has written about, that ssems to involve a

: ' condition preesdent which imist ba performed on ‘the part of our Company before our friends in Paris will allow the founders shares to be sent over here. What that condition Pracndent, this to be performed by us, may be T do not know. Tt seems to relate to the transfer by our Company of certain fundaiontal Patents’ on lamps, dynamos &c. A power of attorney was exeented one year

ago last Decembor both by Mn Edison and our Company to all the”

countries in Eurvupe belonging to our Coupany, whereby these pa~ ten$s wers transferred. So it is difficult for me to understand

what ‘this new point just raised is.

SECOND. What is this question of 20 ner centum

ics | P,

sR ee cguiecas cotmpomee


4 The bast way for me to reply to-this question is to reeite tho facts as they have heen developed in racent aaneeseineenGe,

Mr. Railey wrote me, -December-G6the;—that Hn Porges, in connection with delivering to our eompany the parts of founder, had called attention to a clause in the Fifth Articla of the Statutes of the Company Cont inentala. That clanse provides that wa may Object to any amalgamation of the Gompany Continent ale with other companies, and to any cession or transfer of the ass~

ets or any part thereof, so leng, and only so Lonft, as our company

continues to hold at least one fifth (20 per cant) of its Company

GUORLLNEANTaALS rounders sharwss--—-rne Language useaq~— in snus —conmye~————. tion in the translation of the statutes (it was made by Mr Lawson) is that this veto power is thus given to us su long as wo “nomi~ nally” hold at least said one fifth. But Mr Railey in his letter of December Oth. says that the word*nominally” is not a proper trunelabien; and states that the French word really means “ragis= tered shareholders” The "rench word is <nBininaetoamapee

So long as wa hold these founders shares, wa can not only object to amalgamation, but we can also object to any gene tracts for the sale of territory, and to any licenses being made without our consente This’ is provided for in the Othe article of the contract of November l5the

It would seem from Mn Railey’s letters that the eer tificates of the parts of founders belonging to us had been made

out to the order of “hearer? It would further seam that when it

ste eee re

a i


was Proposed to change at least 20 per cantum of thuss founders

shares, and have them made out to the order of this company, in-

stead of to bearer, avn that did not satisfy Nn Porges and his - assoc ia tySe Tt would further seen that what they demand is that this 20 per centum of these shares should he deposited in Sau Gos, Gyan though they ba made out to the order of this company, with dirgetions tu that Trust Gonpany to collect the dividends

and pay them to our company here; this deposit to continue as

long as the Company Sontinantale exists, or until ve ary willing

to forfeit the rights given us pursuant to the’ statutas of the

contract hove ra ferred to. Mr Railey recommends in his letter of Deceltber Gthe that this 20 per eentum of these shares should be thus deposited with the Banque Centrale, which is Hn Porgrs? bank in Paris.

Wea have been of the opinion here in New York, that if it becolies neesssary to place this 20 per centum of these shares in deposit, the deposit should be made in some Trust Co., here in Now York city and not in Paris. Ve ought to have the founders shares here at home, where the headquarters of our company is. There are some very gool reasons why this should be so, which T wld Hoe stop to vive in this connectione Referring to this visow of the matter in Bailey states, in his letter of December 30th. that he thinks per haps Hr. Porges and associates would admit that the requirements of the case might be met if these shares were

deposited in a Trust Company in New York city, instead of in Paris,


G provided a formal engagement be entered into by our company, pro=

porly legalized by the "ranch consul, also by the Trust Company in

this city, to give iltmdiate advise to the Conipany Continéntale in

vase we should at any time withdraw these parts of founder fron the custody of the Trust Gonnany. Mr. Railey states that at the timo

he was writing that letter of Necemher 20th. he was discussing

with Mr Porges the forma of arrangemente Tam in reeeipt of a

letter Crom Hn Batley dated December B3rde, in which to my sure

prise, he awakes no reference to what the result of the discussion

touching Sush arrangslMent WwaSe So I an in entire ignorance. |

“THIRD. In addition to this question of the 20 per SESS ecentum of the fuunders shares in the Sompany Guntinentalo, there is a collateral question raised, as to whether all of onr founders

shares, in all three of the companies, should not ve tied up at



ast for say LO years, by being deposited in a Trust Co. pra fare ably in this eity. Mn 3ailev’. argues very strongly in Cavor of thise Ya thinks it would give the shares of the eompany per- neva value over there He doss not state whether the holders . of the balanes of the Counders shares would be willing to place their shares in deposit in the sale waye Probably thay would note Certainly Messrs. Puskas & Bailey would not, as they will probably nead the mone ye That at any rate is a fair presumptions

Our @uropean hight Co. here, has but ons assett, theso folinders sharese It rests with the Board of Directors to sell |

these founders shares at any time. The powar therefore rests

7 with the Buard by ons simple stroke of business to dispose of tho


entire assets of our Suropean commany here. That power, even the possi bildty of tts being- oxoreised,—tondse—no—doubt—to _dapraciats the value of the stock of our furopman conmnany in this city. but if it is known that these assets are permanently tied up, by being deposited in a Trust Co. in this eityv, under a formal apres tient exeeuted with the Paris Go. the tendaeney would he to give emfidense in the minds of the publie to the shares of our com- pany here. This is ln Railev’s line of arpument.

FOURTH The qusstions now for our Roard to decide are as follows! pee te we ne ce ne tte Aa eee eit nee HE ce Sime redeem enemmmamanthl: ene na cee

PTRST. Shall we insist upon all the founders being sont here immediately save and except the 20 per cantum of the Company Gontinentale.

SROOND. Regarding the said 20 per ecentum of the found~ crs shares of the Company Continentale, shall we deposit them in a Trust Sompany in Now York Gity (provided Mr Porses? point is insisted upon by himself and associates) or shall we deposit thon in Paris?

THIRD. Shall we enter into an agreement, to which the Trust So. shall be a party, that we will not withdraw the sharg thus deposited during the continuation of the Company Continentala, without their consent? Or shall we reserve the right to withdraw them at any time, provided we are willing to sacrifices the rights

conferred by the contract and statutes, so long as we hold thesa

we ne i eps,


a cetera al acct cae 4, i F i < - ; > 8 shares in our possession? FOURTH, Shall our company put all the founders shares _ in As erow-and- OKRA are eee me amant _to—et, tain—thom—in_‘ssorow—for. 284

a covtain anne of years, as sugpested by Mm Bailey; and if wo

shall ‘4 seo, for how many years shall it ba?

j me te oF “y : : : an : we 4 te = es . i . as 4

Nos 2s

REGRIVED from the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, seven Nihateus ena fifty (750) Parts of Founder in the Société Industrielle et Commerciale Edison; the said seven hundred and fifty (('750) Parts of Founder being one quarter of the. Parts of Founder issued to the said Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, under the terms of the Contract between said Company and ourselves, bearing date November 15, 1881. We further acknowledge that the said seven hundred and fifty (750) Parts of Founder are in full settlement of our @ommission as promoters of the said Société Industrielle et Commerciale Edison as expressed in a letter signed by Messrs. Lowrey, Batchelor & Bailey, addressed

to us, and dated November 15, 1881.

/ 1 Dated, Paris, 6 42 ete es 1889._ Rien : Ly tr Lth——-———

POR oy ae ae aS fb ae bare Jee x a Ce Greece.

fore 4 Ti ree GYeF gor Fe ona he C Shel fake,

“wy, Bb foots 2kEE7 hn he Fire"



Oe 3

RECHIVED from the Edison Electric Light Company of Kurope, Limited, five hundred (500) Parts of Founder in the Societe Blectrique Edison; the said five hundred (500) Parts of Founder being one sixth of the Parts of Founder issued to the said

Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, under the terms

of the Contract between said Gompany and ourselves, bearing date,

November 15, 1881. We further acknowledge that the said five hundred (500) Parts of Founder are in full settlement of our Commission as promoters of the said Societe Electrique Edison as expressed in a letter signed by Messrs. Lowrey, Batchalor & Bailey,

addressed to us, and dated November 15, 1881.

Dated, Paris, 4.6 eu—-~~— 1883. ee to

a ee Yarra ad——

Be ahd ias pany oie eae Res

Lie 2G Etim Elbe Glb} yp Zowe

b Gee, Eleatrpoe Ae)

Fis €6 Lito.

eee eens ae ie tee meme eee | Se


Pars noveedbr— tF87

UM ON) os Llc Cnr Pare

Lees. Verte... bay’ flouvoriy gue nee. vac Sotcen pee In Liter. eh far . Llechic. aff Corespacy ta Ati york, fo Wes yout reborn ache. Z, avaitrses Merah Jats Co. forusatirrn Des Vor esses Jitr bat tong detugy prover fw per, Cat- un Bt see hy farts rn. fondue CN rbuh, o> In. Char & 2b. Lhechu og ht Couhany Bkteg b_tyest! I aploidattion tn. Capital de tun neil. Gin, beer vite tise. bn pants fouBatir. gow: Ont attud ac Dton O facile 9 justellabirig ols, tu br lls an beptong br Bee will te. bit aut, UL tur gust Ber fart d [(r@atin Athububea & fo. Cabtar ete OQ. lbeate'y Coupace Far O.. Vote % fab'cahing Jereus Antyide to Conte 9 ceeieraf- Sous tha a Urea ts Bevan iy Gus Ala rutin g Oh tition: by The sotittes firtiuce. £3 Apr, Beant wy my Saletan sei firtenes, (psc) Batchelor, Baile, A. Offiters tf Me. above Bbracty tee %G : Ai: fof Barbs | Cipucy <M rey

Thee “s Sent On tectucnSe oe Compe MttttY eyed 4 bord Phe:

OFLU. toon et nae Loe a MB | ies re oO al. Ao D Bin ae | Rabbe war ds bie Keieuisg:

baky woth bone well Quon bane

eee Soar a

/ PP3-03-27°

EE Me eden: Of tare Light YA Crompuen Va

Mf’ Cia, C0” Byiiile

03-Ajuh- OTpisiinne Vik Gok Narch-2lst, SSS S.

Te Edison, Esq.

Dear Sir!-

Enclosed please find check for $28.54, which



please place to the credit of Mr. Charles Batchelor, the same being

to reimburse him pay 2 Cablegrams sent to us relating to Rounders shares, such cables amounting to 142.70 Francs.

I send the amount to you with the above a a at the

uggest.ion of bel Batchelor,

Very truly yours,

Second Vice President.





(of Srp hers 4) Record of Translers of EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT ol Stock, by FARMERS LOAN & TRUST CO, Transfer Agents at New York, for the


Date of last Report......



fing. STOCK




: au CERTIFICATE, SH ene oa Pe ate, ge 7 hed, i. Big : 7 Vi hd taper at aml ee (= ‘hey ies / BE Dg rag se 79 ge Mle Yan Mi | 3 ig gre ws ase | Fo CF ve o on Sore Ze pd panies sree | or aa BA KE ox |~oT Gt Jo Lf Het "CP he | Cay iy. DOG. Sg ie oe ey ee | . whe 7% a. mow re SSS LAE Po a 4 9 ate i 7 : ; ae Ao ; | es ef) pF bevy um VC : 72a « ye if Le. oe Y LDyl Pr 16. | : Poe. 1: ON Zw ; esl y “e vo yy fd 3bhly oo a ST 3 GO ee ,

SOT en rn ne TEN

\P. Jr Boo


Ve Sf 2 ‘4 v7. _ ChE

os J 4 Gd |



Px: ‘ae

Jor 3



DM olen 7 ee, ae 2


f yA a 27 5/1 an

pe Date of last Report,

Record of Trausters of EDISON ELECTRIC LG | St Ck, by FARMARS LOAN & TRUST CO, Transfer Agents at New York, for the


sores =a RRE ed a

soerreren SESS RSE ea re nncre ree SSS TTS RO SS TET PE

gta Das ah hae tM aes ae era! Se , DATE OF —~AUMBER OF “NUMBER OF | ; DATE OE | NUN SURREND PREIFICATE, SHARES, IN WHOSE NAME. ; nate ok i : IE Na ee IN WHOSE NAME. ar ADDRESS. Atrwad 32hh 7 | a - » wwf f ; eee _ ye 4 fi é 221 7 / Cee Dye ; reblog bo ZF Le ae ee 4 2 . Lloblaratiine— “4 , | ; | si £e7 bogs mere 2 a ' i : ‘see ee eee i) | : ae pS a, eed | | | : 3 —_— | | | | | t i i ' | | | | { | I | | i

. IES G-OY4- aS, the Cy Che MALE ge YA Company G Lf Cy nerofi her Limited

05: Aiflh CSvenites - das Conte April.3rd 7 Mad i ; Mj F son, sEsq

be ye aide. 38 - 7 SSeS eta ee ea sdeeals

A special mecting of the Directors of the Edison Elec- Light Company of Europe, Limited, will be held on Thursday AYril Sth, eat one o' clock P, H., at the office of ested: Re a Cutting, Jr & Co., 19 William Strest, for the purpose of confirm ing the contracts heretofore executed in our behalf by Mr. J. F. Hawes wh the Germany Company and Messrs. Siemens & Nevapes Inasmuch as we have only 80 deys from the date at which the con- tracts were executed in Berlin (March 13th.) to ratify the same it is necessary to close up this matter at once. You are, there- fore; earnestly invited to be present at the above meetings

Very: truly yours,


* Wis Ot, Cxli Sone: On oli gh lr Compan Y : of Cn nerepe Yee! i Dwttil

YY nS fowy a . OF Tilt OZ niior : | OLR April.16th, SSS. 3

Dear Sir:-

A special mecting of the Directors of the Edison Elec- trie Light Company of Europe, Limited, will be held at the office of Messrs. R. Le Gutting, Jr & Co., 19 William Strect, New York City, on Wednesday, April 18th, 1883, at 1 0’? clock P. M. for the purpose of discussing means for raising the money to pay the inter- @st, due May lst, on the Debenture Bonds issued by this Compeny,; also to fix the compensation of Major S. B. Eaton, Second Vice President and General Manager.

Yours truly,


By order of

The Presidente

Master eofuss opwittain & IA. Bsr , 6S 36h Qusmus, Chey Wate ot, QL. Cuttsiy , 19 Wriktecun Bt, Jeune Ws austin , 19 Wetec Se, ed. Y, Gb, , Alen do Seuss MM, Baste Denier or, oy, & heeded “py be fB, Blow aca

Chow Ope tofea. ta

ee ae ty? : Ol ph oye . We Whar as “lye Light Compan Y a a Ce a of Cyr be Dime ay ee fe , : Qe Gag 05 Tifth-Secnue dp Loh: bel jen SSSS.,

Hh, Wh Aeesrocret del

we J accept he loums agreed upon al the meolineg file * Meveclnrs f Fhe @dasor Celis Light Company of bu ej Limeled, thes clay, Cacchoig my componsatiin f Yul 6 1601 b prey tl, ad flout, Ci). Fee Lerms bhilid sm rng tive Clters cddrested. Tit Pauller, dalid gual 25 £962 and. Hovember 214 1462, CZ) ee ee compensaliri rol b omenule Or mere Mawr BY200 flor annem ov an overage for the line Sieasfict mn, hes agreement: (4 Fe ment i be Crrvcting on bath, the erin fang ond myftel] mbt the Iemioltsin of Oe feiod. named; nameh, fan ie ed | ae ao" ~

(4) Wty Lemmesseon t4 not bs ofbly 4 the fro ; A SJ F 2 Pocnal de Whe: Paes French, Compares Kersten Aeceved Y fies ae date

TG Mlb

Me ee: a bo ee. | /eRs-0m -1 P | A , . ee ‘. Senos Ve ork bbe Vd | pot baa ne fn 2 tte, te 0 AE om

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Ione ehrhe fig srg a mes ty Powel, ben i te lib, Ube! te vhs weet, i).

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blr Sight Company Wa pl. urofe Simelel . f OF - YZ Uf He ; (Serie : oun Wop ; . WSS v .

Vr: lauhontutlen 0 te ul coy fae Views fey ate Cou teiner-

oo J ade Thy” te Mitlig, tn vette ane tuatnicdstlauhig io faleis-, Bf = ly we He Ee tutte my tha JE ~


ON Ree is Fae EY hs

Oe , awe 7

Taw ee

SNandethk Wfargautr M A fesf ono Bia

a B ier . a J b3 08 D, crvan’ @&- 6 7 77. Affine’ on So ; 7 oe Marg w om 4 ide (L/ Fa» By ose.

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PROXY, W. Rold Gould, Law Blank Publis: uct al rand Stationor, 163 Nassau St. N.Y.

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